What Is The Wattage Of A Washing Machine (Philippines)

washing machine wattage

With their big and bulky size, you may surmise that washing machines are expensive to operate. However, did you know that a washing machine typically has a lower wattage compare to refrigerators and air conditioners. How much so? Using data that I’ve collated and analyzed, the average wattage of washing machines across all types (Front … Read more

Can You Manually Fill Your Fully Automatic Washing Machine With Water?

To put it bluntly, the water pressure in some areas of the Philippines is weak and even non-existent at some points. This poses a big issue for fully automatic washing machine owners as a fully auto needs constant water pressure to progress through the wash cycle automatically. When the water pressure does not permit, you … Read more

Can You Plug A Washing Machine Into An Extension Cord?

While you can plug most small appliances in to an extension cord with no issues, you should thing twice before do so for a washing machine. Using an extension cord for semi-automatic washing machines and spin dryers are generally safe as they do not draw much power. However, the same cannot be said for power-hungry … Read more

Can A Washing Machine Be Transported On Its Back or Sides?

Washing machines are typically transported upright, but due to certain circumstances, there may be no other choice but to lay your washing machine on its side during transport. We’ve been seeing a lot of questions about this and whether it will create problems for your washer later on. As much as possible, you should always … Read more

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