R-600a vs. R-134a: Which Is The Better Refrigerant?

R-600a vs. R-134a

If the compressor is the heart of the refrigerator, then its refrigerant gas (AKA Freon) is its blood. These gases facilitate the heat transfer process that fridges use to create a cold environment for our food. In the Philippine refrigerator market, there are two kinds of refrigerants in use: R-600a and R-134a. While these two … Read more

Can A Stove And A Refrigerator Be On The Same Circuit?

A stove and a refrigerator are two appliances that are most likely lumped together in the kitchen. However, as we’ve written before, a fridge and a stove should not be placed near each other for safety and efficiency reasons. Apart from that, having these two appliances near each other will inevitably lead to them sharing … Read more

3 Inverter Refrigerator Myths – DEBUNKED! (Philippines)

Whenever a new technology comes around, there is bound to be some confusion about its purpose. Whether because of bad marketing or a lack of thorough explanation, the intended audience misses the intended message. One such new technology is the Inverter refrigerator. They have been trending for a while now – and for good reasons. … Read more

The 3 Best Mini Refrigerators Under ₱10K (Philippines)

Every home needs a refrigerator. Not only does it help you quench your thirst with a cold drink, it also helps keep your food viable for a longer period of time. However, for those who are just starting out with their careers or those that have limited space in their kitchen, a full-sized fridge may … Read more

Can You Put A Refrigerator Near A Stove?

A refrigerator and a stove are partners in crime; one stores the ingredients and the other turns them into wonderful dishes. So it only makes sense that in a kitchen, the refrigerator should be near the stove to make your kitchen workspace more ergonomic. Right? Well…not really. You shouldn’t put your refrigerator beside your stove … Read more

Can A Refrigerator Cool A Room?

The brief answer is no. A refrigerator can only cool a small area in front of it and not the whole room. The reason being is this: while it is true that both a fridge and an AC use the same working principle, an air conditioner’s blower wheel can cover a larger area than a refrigerator’s fans which are only designed to distribute air within the enclosed compartment of the fridge.

How Often Should I Defrost My Freezer?

Freezer defrosting is an important yet often procrastinated upon task. While, there are new models that have automatic and semi-automatic defrosting functions, most basic models will still need to be defrosted manually. Which brings us to this question: How often should you defrost your freezer to keep it running efficiently? As a general rule, you … Read more

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