Refrigerator FAQs

Refrigerator FAQs – We’ve compiled a list of the most frequently asked questions about refrigerators in one place for your convenience.

These questions range from technical matters, to proper usage, as well as troubleshooting and the maintenance of your fridge.

How does a refrigerator work?
What is an inverter refrigerator?
What is the difference between direct cool and no frost ref?
What is the purpose of the chiller compartment?
What is the purpose of the crisper compartment?
Where should I place my refrigerator?
Why does frost form in the freezer?
Why are the sides of my refrigerator hot?
How long can food last inside the fridge without electricity?
Can a refrigerator be transported lying down?
Can refrigerators use an extension cord?
Can a refrigerator be placed outside?
Can you put cans and bottles in the freezer?
Why do we put charcoals in the refrigerator?
Can you put a microwave on top of the fridge?
Do you have to turn off the refrigerator overnight?
How can I level my refrigerator?
How cold should my refrigerator be?
How long does it take to make ice in the freezer?
When should I use the vacation mode?
Can refrigerators explode?
Why is my refrigerator not cooling?
Why is there water leaking at the back of my ref?
Why is there water droplets in my fridge?
Why is my refrigerator noisy?
Why is my no frost ref not defrosting?
Why is there a bad odor in my fridge?
When should I defrost?

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