Can You Put A Refrigerator Near A Stove?

refrigerator near stove

A refrigerator and a stove are partners in crime; one stores the ingredients and the other turns them into wonderful dishes. So it only makes sense that in a kitchen, the refrigerator should be near the stove to make your kitchen workspace more ergonomic. Right? Well…not really. You shouldn’t put your refrigerator beside your stove … Read more

Can A Refrigerator Cool A Room?

Can a refrigerator cool a room

The brief answer is no. A refrigerator can only cool a small area in front of it and not the whole room. The reason being is this: while it is true that both a fridge and an AC use the same working principle, an air conditioner’s blower wheel can cover a larger area than a refrigerator’s fans which are only designed to distribute air within the enclosed compartment of the fridge.

How Often Should I Defrost My Freezer?

How often should I defrost my freezer

Freezer defrosting is an important yet often procrastinated upon task. While, there are new models that have automatic and semi-automatic defrosting functions, most basic models will still need to be defrosted manually. Which brings us to this question: How often should you defrost your freezer to keep it running efficiently? As a general rule, you … Read more