The Best Washing Machine with Dryer (Philippines)

With the monsoon season fast approaching, you may have been thinking of a way to dry your newly washed clothes without hanging them outside. One of the best solutions for this is using a washing machine with a dryer. But with the multitude of models available in the market, which kind should you choose?

In this article, we will compare the different configurations of washing machines with built-in dryers, and we will also give you our recommended model for each category.

Out top picks:

  • Twin Tub – Tough Mama NTWM-800T (8.0kg)
  • Top Load Washer – Sharp ES-U75GP-BL (7.5kg)
  • Washer-Dryer Combo Electrolux EWW8023AEWA (8.0kg)

Read on for a more in-depth explanation on why we chose these washing machine with dryer models.

Spin Dry vs. Tumble Dry

There are two methods that washing machines use to dry your clothes, one is through spin drying, and the other is through tumble drying. The difference between the two is not purely semantics.

Spin drying mimics the wringing action of handwashing. However instead of twisting and squeezing your clothes to remove the water from your clothes, the tub of the dryer spins rapidly. This removes the water from your clothes through centrifugal force. Spin drying is only available for twin tub and top load fully automatic washing machines.

On the other hand, tumble drying is only available for front load washer-dryer combos. With this method, the washing machine’s tub will not spin as fast as the previous method, but it will be aided by heating element, which greatly quickens the drying process.

Here is a more detailed pros and cons of these two methods:

Spin Dry


  • Models are more affordable upfront
  • More affordable to operate


  • Does not fully dry clothes (may need to be air dried after)
  • Drying may take longer if the items are heavy

Tumble Dry


  • Clothes get fully dry
  • Clothes can be sanitized through heat
  • Quicker to dry


  • Models are more expensive upfront
  • More expensive to operate

The primary factor to consider in your decision between the two methods will be your budget. Twin tubs and top load fully autos are more affordable compared to their washer-dryer combo counterparts. Here is a table to illustrate this price difference:

7.0kg – 7.5kg Capacity Average SRP
Twin Tub ₱8,211
Fully Auto (Top Load) ₱14,406
Fully Auto (Front Load) ₱34,629

In the next section, we will discuss the discuss the different configurations of washing machines with dryer, and we will also give you our top pick for that category.

Washing Machine with Dryer Configurations

These three configurations have major differences between them, and they often sit at very different price points. Let’s start with the cheapest:

Twin Tub Washing Machine

A twin tub washing machine is basically a single tub but with a dryer tub attached to it. This configuration is the most affordable of the three. However, it does not provide the same level of convenience as the other two.

In contrast to the next two types of washing machines, you’ll have to do most of the other tasks yourself on a twin tub models; that ranges from filling the water, adding fabric conditioner during the cycle, rinsing, drying, and draining the wash water. You’ll even have to manually transfer your clothes from the washer tub to the dryer tub.

Moreover, while the built-in spin dryer does dramatically shorten the time it takes to dry your clothes (as compared to air drying), your clothes won’t be completely dry. You may still have to hang your clothes to dry them off completely.

With that said though, this is still the most affordable version of a washing machine with dryer in the market. So this is the best choice for people who are budget-conscious.

Out Top Pick: Tough Mama NTWM-800T (8.0kg)

Tought Mama NTWM-800T

The Tough Mama NTWM-800T is our top pick for this category. With its powerful motor, it can handle up to 8.0kg worth of laundry. This makes it a good choice for small families. Also, with its extra durable and rust-proof body, your family will surely have a dependable laundry partner. Coming in at an SRP of ₱7,999, this surely is a good deal!

Top Load Fully Automatic

The fully automatic top load washing machine bridges the gap between the entry-level twin tub and the premium washer-dryer combo.

With a fully auto, you will not need to manually transfer your clothes from the washer tub to the dryer tub. Instead, it does both washing and drying on the same tub. It does a lot of other things too: from filling the tub, applying the soap, to draining the tub. After programming your wash cycle, there is nothing else to do but to enjoy your free time and wait for the cycle to finish.

A fully automatic washing machine also has a lot more features than a twin tub. You can set a pre-soak program before the main cycle to help loosen up tough stains. There is also a setting that lets you clean the inner and outer tub to prevent mold growth.

A top load fully automatic washing machine uses the spin drying method to dry your clothes. Like we said earlier, your clothes will still feel a little damp. You may need to air it out to let it dry completely. Alternatively, you can immediately iron your damp clothes.

Our Top Pick: Sharp ES-U75GP-BL (7.5kg)

Sharp ES-U75GP-BL

The Sharp ES-U75GP-BL is a reliable classic and it tops our list in this category. Its main feature is its Hole-less Tub which not only saves up to 30% more water, it also protects clothes from damage, and limits the entry of odor-causing molds while washing. With an SRP of ₱13,998, this surely is a level of luxury that is affordable for a lot of people!

Washer-Dryer Combo

First off, please do not confuse a front load washer with a washer-dryer combo. They both look the same, but they have one crucial difference: a front load washer does not have a built-in dryer. Instead, you’ll have to buy a separate dryer (they can be stackable with the washer) to have a drying option. Meanwhile, a washer and dryer combo is basically both of those units combined into one unit.

Washer-dryer combos are the flagship models of each brand. Hence, it is equipped with the latest tech to make doing the laundry as easy and convenient as possible. However, it does come with a hefty price tag.

Unlike the first two types of washers with a built-in dryer we’ve discussed earlier, a washer-dryer combo uses the tumble dry method. Since this uses heat to dry your clothes, your laundry will be ready to wear immediately after the cycle; no more air drying needed!

One of the downside of this method is that it is more expensive to operate compared to spin drying. However, the built-in heater more than makes up for it because of its versatility. Not only does the heat kill allergens like molds and bed bugs, most washer-dryer combo models have a “garment refresh” function where you can put lightly used clothes in a heating cycle to sterilize them – no laundry required.

Our Top Pick: Electrolux EWW8023AEWA (8.0kg)

Electrolux EWW8023AEWA

The Electrolux EWW8023AEWA is our top pick in this category. It is equipped with the SensiCare system which adjusts the temperature and the humidity to prevent your clothes from getting damaged due to over-drying. Also, with its VapourCare function, it can kill 99.9% of germs and allergens. This is perfect for families who have infants with sensitive skin. And it does all of this with an EcoInverter motor, which reduces vibration and operational noise as well as reducing your energy consumption. With an SRP of ₱54,995, you will get every bang for your buck with this feature-packed model.


We hope that our top choices for each category of washing machines with dryer also made sense to you. If you’re still not sure which type of washing machine you should get, we’ve written a buying guide to help you in your decision making process.

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