13 Air Conditioner Energy Saving Tips [INFOGRAPHIC]

Air conditioners are notoriously expensive to operate. However, you can not NOT use them, especially when you take the Philippines’ hot and humid climate into consideration. If you want to soften the financial blow of operating your air conditioner, we’ve prepared the infographic below to give you actionable aircon energy saving tips. Share this Image … Read more

Tower Fan vs. Regular Electric Fan: What’s the Difference?

White electric fan

With the scorching heat and suffocating humidity in the Philippines, it is no wonder that electric fans are a commonplace in most households in the country. While most are familiar with the utilitarian look of bladed electric fans (a.k.a. pedestal fans), a relatively newer and more sleek design of electric fans have become popular in … Read more

R-32 vs. R-410a: Which Is The Better Refrigerant?

R-32 vs. R-410a

If the compressor is the heart of the air conditioner, then its refrigerant gas (AKA Freon) is its blood. These gases facilitate the heat transfer process that the air conditioners use to create the cold air that gets blown out of the unit. In the Philippine air conditioner market, there are two kinds of refrigerants … Read more