3 Inverter Refrigerator Myths – DEBUNKED! (Philippines)

inverter refrigerator myths

Whenever a new technology comes around, there is bound to be some confusion about its purpose. Whether because of bad marketing or a lack of thorough explanation, the intended audience misses the intended message. One such new technology is the Inverter refrigerator. They have been trending for a while now – and for good reasons. … Read more

Can You Plug A Washing Machine Into An Extension Cord?

extension cord for washing machine

While you can plug most small appliances in to an extension cord with no issues, you should thing twice before do so for a washing machine. Using an extension cord for semi-automatic washing machines and spin dryers are generally safe as they do not draw much power. However, the same cannot be said for power-hungry … Read more

3 Myths About Inverter Air Conditioners – DEBUNKED! (Philippines)

myths about inverter air conditioners

With the increasing severity of the Philippine summers, more and more people are now turning to air conditioning to ease their discomfort. However, air conditioners are notoriously expensive to operate, hence picking an energy-efficient model from the start will help you save money in the long run — and inverter air conditioners may be the … Read more

The Best Window Type Inverter Aircon (Philippines)

window type aircon inverter

Air conditioners are notoriously expensive to operate, which is why picking an energy efficient model from the get-go is a wise decision. If you are looking for an energy-efficient window type aircon, you should consider getting an inverter model. While an inverter air conditioner can save you as much 15% more energy compared to a … Read more