Why Is My Air Cooler Leaking Water? (And How To Fix It)

One of the most common and recurring problems air cooler owners face is the leaking of water from their units. While it is obvious where the water is coming from (i.e. the water that you’ve put in the unit), it is unsure what is causing the water tank or the honeycomb pad to not hold in the water.

Water leaking from the air cooler may be the result of a simple over-filling of water, or it may be because the reservoir is broken or was not attached properly. It could also be because the water-soaked honeycomb pad is broken and thus could not hold in the water.

In this article, we will discuss why your air cooler is leaking water, and how to fix it.

How does an air cooler work?

Air coolers work by harnessing the power of the evaporation process; it passes air through a water-soaked medium. The water, while it evaporates, cools the air (akin to the cooling effects of sweat as it evaporates). This cool air is then blown out by the air cooler’s fan.

The two parts that are most likely to cause this leaking problem is the water tank and the honeycomb pad.

Common causes of a leaking air cooler and how to fix them

These are the most common reasons of a leaking air cooler and what to do with them:

1. Overflow

One simple reason why your air cooler is leaking water is because you’ve overfilled it. For models that have an ice compartment, it may be because the ice has already melted and overflowed from the compartment.

The fix: Nothing really. Just observe the proper water level next time. Also, do not move or tilt your air cooler if it is already filled.

2. Broken water tank

If the water is coming from the bottom of your air cooler, then it may be because there is a hole in the water tank. While rust won’t be the issue here as water tanks are usually made from plastic, accidental puncturing during cleaning or installing may happen.

The fix: You can apply an elastomeric sealer on the hole if it is small enough. If your warranty still applies, you may get it fixed with the company’s technicians.

3. Water tank was not attached properly

The water may leak if the water tank was not installed back to its proper place. This is more common in models with a detachable water tank.

The fix: Turn off the unit and re-install the water reservoir – properly this time.

4. The honeycomb pad is broken

The honeycomb pad – the water-soaked pad that the air passes through, may get damaged accidentally during cleaning. This can result in it not being able to hold water and leaking it all over your floor.

The fix: Try to get it repaired by a technician. If it is not possible, you can buy a replacement honeycomb pad for your unit.

5. The honeycomb pad was not installed properly

If you installed the honeycomb pad incorrectly, it may cause it to leak water. Also, if you bought a replacement pad in the wrong size, it may not be able to soak the water effectively.

The fix: Turn off the unit and re-install the honeycomb pad. Also, if you are going to replace the pad, make sure that the size is compatible to your unit.


Leaking water from your air cooler may just be a nuisance at its worst, but it is easily preventable by just being observant. The fixes are also easy enough to do on your own. Don’t sweat about it too much!

21 thoughts on “Why Is My Air Cooler Leaking Water? (And How To Fix It)”

  1. I just bought one of these tower coolers filled the tank to the max line . I pre soaked the filter and when I try to run it it throws water out the top ! Everything appears to be in it’s correct position! Just wondering if this has happened to anyone else and if so how dod they fix it?

    • yes- the space at the top of the filter is always filled with water when I pull it out. It’s weird I didn’t know why either! I’ll do some further investigating!

  2. The filter must be dry to start with. Mine leaked like crazy until I dried it thoroughly. When I turned it on and it was wet from cleaning the water just poured through. The filter didn’t absorb the water because it was already full like a sponge. So make sure it is very dry first.
    Also do not over fill the tank up to the maximum fill line. I put in ice and then water to the fill line and it spit water out the front. Put in less water than it says it can handle.

  3. It seems a very common problem, a nuisance. I’m bringing it back. Only under2 months since purchased. Better support it can problem be rerouted, solved. I think they all are a pain in the butt

  4. Mine also leaks from everywhere yalls does..I think this one is gimmack..We made these people rich and they made us throw away our money.

  5. I agree with everyone who said this is just a money making excercise. 2 days out of my 30 day money back and it has leaked through my carpet. no rhyme or reason for it!! this is the 2nd cooler ive had. same prob. i wonder what could be used instead of the soggy honeycomb.

  6. Just bought one and wish I had read the reviews first. Did everything it said per directions and it’s spitting water out the front. Tank is only half full. It’s going back to store tomorrow. Paid $100 bucks for this piece of junk. I will get all of my money back.. the rug is soaked. Thank God I didn’t use it while on my wood floors.

  7. My floor got wet and I thought my son did pure water whiles trying to fill it, it is just 1 month
    And water comes out of the front
    Soo disgusting

  8. Hi, Where can I buy a honeycomb pad replacement? I’ve been checking shopping website and online hardware store but they don’t have it.

  9. Man o man, I bought one air cooler today. After pluging it, lo and behold, this thing spits water upfront like something else. Though it cool great but the rag and my carpet is too wet so I’ll return it tomorrow.

  10. I have the costway unit model EP23430, its been working ok for several months but now it’s spraying water out the front also can i purchase a new filter.

  11. I bought 2, and recommended to another shopper. My friend has one. It works fantastic. It looks to ne older style than these 2. They both spit water all over. VERY DISSAPOINTED.
    I’ve read all instructions, nothing about this.

  12. My air cooler+dehumidifier is leaking. Water comes from the top leaks through and covers the carpet with water. The fan works fine but when I press the ice button for cooler air it happens. I’m at my wits end, I’m an old person and haven’t got a clue what wrong. I frighten of the thing blowing up or causing a electric problem in the house. It was given to me.

  13. Just fixed the leak of my brand new (literally) air-cooler by sealing of the drain with a glue-stick. It was leaking like crazy and I was able to find the source of the leak by wiping the tank dry with toilet paper and filling it with water (multiple times, lol).


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