What Window Type Aircon Has The Highest EER In The Philippines?

The energy efficiency ratio (EER) is one of the most important factors that you should take into account when buying a new aircon, and thus a lot of people are searching for the highest EER window type aircon currently available in the Philippines.

According to this list from the DOE[1], as of September 2020, the highest EER recorded for window type aircon in the Philippines is 12.5. This is held by 8 different models, but these four seem to be the only ones still in the market: AED07KP (0.8HP) and AED09KP (1.0HP) from GE, and MED07VQ (0.8HP) MED09VQ (1.0HP) from Mabe.

In this article, we will explain what the EER of an aircon means, and what is the highest EER model in each cooling capacity.

What is the EER (Energy Efficiency Ratio) in air conditioners?

The big number in the middle of the energy guide label of a window type aircon is called the energy efficiency ratio (EER). It tells you how efficiently that particular model uses its power to cool the air.

A high EER number means that that particular model is more energy efficient, and therefore has a lower operating cost. Do note that it does not tell you how much it will cost to operate – it will only tell you if one model is more efficient than the other.

Check out this article we’ve written if you want to know the energy consumption of your refrigerator, and how to estimate its contribution to your monthly electricity bill.

What is the average EER of window type air conditioners per capacity?

Using this list from the DOE (as of September 2020), we can see the average EER of window type aircons in each capacity.

Capacity Average EER
0.5HP 10.3
0.6HP 10.5
0.75HP 10.8
1.0HP 10.5
1.5HP 10.5
2.0HP 10.4
2.5HP 10.0

Use the average EER as a comparison point between a model’s peers. as a rule of thumb, a 12.0+ EER rating for a window type aircon is considered very efficient.

Highest EER window type aircon per capacity

In the table that follows, we will show the average EER per capacity for comparison.

Due to the limitations of the data set, only non-inverter models are presented here. However, we wrote a deep dive on the difference between inverter and non-inverter air conditioners, check it out here.

Additionally, I’ve filtered out some models that are no longer available in the market.

Now, without further ado, here are the highest EER window type aircon models for each capacity:

Capacity Average
EER of
this capacity
0.5HP 10.3 Mabe MEV05VQ 11.5
0.6HP 10.5 American Home AHAC-6204 12.4
0.75HP 10.8 Mabe MED07VQ & GE AED07KP 12.5
1.0HP 10.5 Mabe MED09VQ & GE AED09KP 12.5
1.5HP 10.5 Mabe MED12VQ & GE AED12KP 12.4
2.0HP 10.4 American Home AHAC-192MNT 12.2
2.5HP 10.0 Mabe MEV24VQ 11.6

Additionally, we’ve laid out the comparison between these models’ energy consumption cost per month vs. the average in their capacity here:

Capacity Average Cost
Per Month Of
This Capacity
Per Month
0.5HP ₱1,230.92 Mabe MEV05VQ ₱1,216.1
0.6HP ₱1,286.87 American Home AHAC-6204 ₱1,169.3
0.75HP ₱1,641.67 Mabe MED07VQ & GE AED07KP ₱1,473.3
1.0HP ₱2,152.04 Mabe MED09VQ & GE AED09KP ₱1,894.2
1.5HP ₱2,880.14 Mabe MED12VQ & GE AED12KP ₱2,455.5
2.0HP ₱4,232.08 American Home AHAC-192MNT ₱3,741.7
2.5HP ₱5,670.15 Mabe MEV24VQ ₱5,144.8

Formula: (Wattage/1000) x Hours of use x Power Rate = Daily Electricity Cost | Assuming that the power rate is at ₱9.744/kWh and an 8-hour usage time.

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Now that you know what the EER means, and that we’ve given you the highest EER models in each capacity, you can now make a better choice when deciding which is the best aircon model for you.

Having said this though, the EER is not the end all be all factor of the best air conditioner for you. You should also take into account the additional features that you want or need from your aircon – and the highest EER model may not have that.

Additionally, for the estimated monthly energy consumption, keep in mind that these are only just that – estimations. Proper usage habits and regular maintenance will determine whether your electricity bill will be high or low.

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