What Is The Power Consumption Of An Electric Fan (Philippines)

With our hot and humid weather, it comes to no surprise that one of the most used appliance in Philippine homes is the humble electric fan. Most of us even use it for hours on end during the summer days. You may be wondering, how much does that cost per day? What is the average power consumption of an electric fan anyway?

Using data that I’ve collated and analyzed, the average power consumption of electric fans is 0.0642 kWh. This means that if the power rate is at ₱9.744/kWh, then you should estimate that the electric fan will cost ₱0.63 per hour to run, and if you use it for 12 hours per day, it will contribute at least ₱7.51 per day, or ₱225 per month to your electricity bill.

Read on for our deep dive into this topic!

Where did this data come from?

Unlike refrigerators and window air conditioners, electric fans are not required to have the energy guide label. Hence, there is not a single data set from the DOE where all of the electric fan models are listed with their respective power consumption figures.

Instead, we are going to rely on the data set supplied by Meralco’s orange tag project.

If the energy guide label tells us the energy efficiency ratio of a particular model, the orange tag shows consumers the average cost of operating an appliance for an hour.

Granted, this data set is a lot smaller compared to the DOE’s; there are fewer models in this list as this project is purely voluntary and not mandatory compared to the energy guide label. However, this data is still useful for us to at least have a benchmark for the average power consumption of the electric fan category.

Power consumption of electric fans (by type)

We’ve parsed the data for you to make it easier to understand. We also used Meralco’s power rate of ₱9.744 per kWh, which is the average rate of all residential Meralco customers. We will also assume that you will use your electric fan for 12 hours every day.

TypeEC (kWh)Per HourPer Month
Industrial Stand Fan0.1081₱1.05₱12.6
Stand fan0.0648₱0.63₱7.56
Wall Fan0.0604₱0.59₱7.08
Tower Fan0.0428₱0.42₱5.04
Orbit Fan*0.0652₱0.64₱7.68
Box Fan*0.0680₱0.66₱7.92
Desk Fan*0.0654₱0.64₱7.68
Categories with an “*” only have one model listed in the entire data set, hence it is not truly representative. Such is the limitation of this data set.

As you can see, tower fan models are typically cheaper to run compared to the other types of electric fans, while the most expensive ones to run are the industrial fans.

How to compute the power consumption of an electric fan

If the model of your choice does not have a Meralco Orange Tag, you can estimate how much it will cost per month using this formula:

(Wattage/1000) x Hours of use x Power Rate = Daily Electricity Cost

Hence, for this Panasonic F-405LB-BLK stand fan (which is not included in Meralco’s orange tag date set) with a max wattage of 60W has an estimated power consumption of ₱0.58 per hour of use.


Now that you know how to the average power consumption of electric fans and how to compute it, you can now make a better choice when buying a new electric fan


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