What To Do If Your Refrigerator Was Flooded

Apart from the structural damage, appliances and furniture can also be permanently damaged after a flood. While smaller appliances can easily be carried to a higher story to prevent it from being flooded, the heavy refrigerator is often left in its place; taking the brunt of the flooding. A flooded refrigerator is expensive to repair … Read more

Why Is My Refrigerator Making A Knocking Noise?

While it’s operating, a refrigerator will make a variety of noises. From buzzing, humming, and gurgling, these noises are a normal part of the every-day operation of your fridge. However, when your refrigerator makes a disturbing banging or knocking noise during operation, you may want to call a technician ASAP. The knocking noise that you’re … Read more

Why Is My Refrigerator Making A Cracking Noise?

While it’s operating, a refrigerator’s humming can reach up to 47dB. However, there may be some instances when your refrigerator will make weird noises – like a cracking noise – that will make you question whether it’s normal, or it’s a sign that your fridge is dying. Fortunately, the cracking noises that are emanating from … Read more

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